Getting greater value from data

Using Fisheries Data

New Zealand’s commercial fisheries are data rich, but these data can be hard to access and interpret, and so are under-used.

Trident has developed systems that aim to make existing fisheries data more accessible, both to the public and to researchers, while complying with the Ministry for Primary Industries’ data confidentiality rules and guidelines.

Our Fisheries of New Zealand website is a public site that:
  • provides a comprehensive, graphical characterisation of New Zealand's fisheries using the Ministry for Primary Industries' statutory catch, effort, and landings data
  • gives rapid insight into the structure and trends of most New Zealand fisheries, allowing users to gain insights without having to request data
  • is updated annually
Our pisces reporting system supports fisheries researchers by:
  • providing access to a range of fisheries databases, while maintaining appropriate access restrictions and allowing auditing of data use
  • supporting efficient implementation of reproducible reports, with version control
  • promotes collaboration amongst fisheries data analysts