How Trident Systems operates

Our Approach

Key characteristics of Trident’s approach to fisheries research are:

  • collaboration; and
  • transparency and reproducibility.


From the outset, Trident Systems has focussed on working in collaboration with other research providers. As a result Trident has a small core staff and a wide range of collaborators.

“We hail individual geniuses, but success in science comes through collaboration

Bringing people together from diverse backgrounds leads to new ways of thinking, better thinking and faster progress”

  • Jeremy Farrar, director, Wellcome Trust1

Transparency and reproducibility

“Transparency and reproducibility are the beating heart of the scientific enterprise”

  • Chambers & Nosek (2015)2

Trident aims to make fisheries data accessible and available for multiple use, while meeting Ministry for Primary Industries guidelines on data access and confidentiality.

We have developed systems that increase the efficiency and reproducibility of analyses of fisheries data.

  1. Farrar, J. (2017). We hail individual geniuses, but success in science comes through collaboration. The Guardian, 1 October 2017. 

  2. Chambers, C. & Nosek, B. (2015). The first imperative: Science that isn’t transparent isn’t science. The Guardian, 25 June 2015.