Trident Systems

Our Mission

"Trident Systems will provide high quality fisheries research services in support of effective and efficient management of New Zealand fisheries, with the active involvement of the seafood industry and for the collective benefit of quota owners"

Trident's purpose

  • Develop innovative systems and processes, including for:
    • Efficient data collection for fisheries management, especially from inshore finfish fisheries;
    • Realising greater value from fisheries data;
    • Evaluating management procedures for lower information stocks;
  • Apply these systems and processes to provide stock and/or fishery-specific research services that support timely and efficient fisheries management decision making;
  • Carry out these activities in a manner that efficiently utilises industry resources, and supports industry involvement in fisheries management processes;
  • Ensure a broad base of industry commitment to the development of its systems and processes, and the utilisation of the results of applying these systems and processes.

Media statement

Monitoring the SNA1 fishery - media statement - 29 May 2016

Trident's involvement in SNA1 fisheries monitoring - questions and answers

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